”The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

 is birthing vision in the hearts of leaders responding to the call to reach beyond the church walls to see their communities, their people, collide with the love of God.

It is our heart to link people together in a way that enables that vision to be carried out in and through churches, and equips and empowers individuals as they step out in service and leadership.

Joining up the dots

We’re seeing more and more that God is sowing common threads of vision and calling in people all across Ireland. Which is very exciting! Unity is crucial. We love to see churches working together and resourcing each other. People are our most valued resource; so we send teams! Whether for an evening or an event, a weekend or couple of weeks, being part of a team is a great way to serve, strengthen connections, broaden perspective, and catch more of God’s heart for this time and this place as we see Him at work and join in.


Get involved locally

There is so much opportunity right on our doorstep! Our communities are full of churches. What if our churches were full of community - life-giving, Presence-filled, missional community We believe it is key to serve where you are. God has purpose and value to bring about through you where you find yourself right now. Take Him up on that! Be part of the change.

Jumping in with both feet

There is vision to see ministry expanded and strengthened. And there is vision for new and fresh ministry to be started. As churches and leaders endeavour to cultivate that growth and establish thriving hubs of normal Christians reaching out to their communities in the love and power of the Spirit, we absolutely want to draw alongside as supportively as we can. Whether building up or starting new ministry within a church, or breaking ground with outreach and ministry within a community, or planting a church in an area currently unreached by outward focused ministry - we want to see the right people
in the right place at the right time who are willing to invest some of their lives into God’s heart for His people.