The difference in what we can do, and what God can do.  It is where we begin and where we end; its how we get there.  It is a place of presence.  A place of communion with God.  A place of revelation & transformation, where God shares and grafts His heart with His people.  A place of strength even in weakness, peace even in chaos, direction amidst confusion.  It is an act of partnership as we gather together in intercession and cry out for the movement of the hand of God as we seek to see His Kingdom breakthrough.  It is posture as we humble ourselves and come before the Lord and seek His face.  It is a call to wake up, to keep watch, to listen and wait.  Its an invitation to engage with God who passionately loves and saves and heals; God who is able.

 It is core to who we are and essential to who we’re called to be.  Prayer should proceed from our hearts in every moment, precede our every move, and encompass all our lives – our family, work, dreams, ministry.  Our prayer is that we become a people of prayer.  A people intent on listening to His voice and looking to His face, that our response will always be to do what we see the Father doing.  That we would pray bold prayers and take bold steps; that we’d increasingly see people healed and set free as we pray in the nature of Jesus.  That we would be people marked by the presence of God, continually being filled by the Spirit.