We invest in leaders because if the church is to grow we need leaders with vision and authority who inspire, empower, equip and release people to build His kingdom.

We grow leaders by offering opportunities for short and long term service which provide experience, training and pastoral support. We train leaders through regular mornings, days and retreats where leaders can hear from some of the best practitioners around. We are also looking at ways of providing formal training to those looking to lead at all levels of church and life.

We gather leaders in network groups who meet regularly to pray for each other and support and challenge one another.

We support leaders in whatever way we can, from providing pastoral support to responding to requests for resources and more.

We want to see leaders raised up in all parts of society through service in the church. In the next three years, we want to have 100 young adults who have been involved in short or long term mission through New Wine Ireland who are better equipped, inspired and empowered to serve God by leading where they are.

Contact the office for more information and to make sure that you are signed up to the leaders’ mailing list for all the updates.


Kingdom Men

Willowfield Church, My Ladys Road, Belfast | 9.00am

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Kingdom Women

Willowfield Church, My Ladys Road, Belfast | 9.00am

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