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We have a page dedicated to everything you need to know about accommodation - click here

Its been a busy week and it’s time to pack everything up – please remember to wash and dry all cutlery, pots and pans and return them to the cupboard.  Please remove all rubbish to the bin stores located around both the Yeats & Clarion Holiday villages and Benbulben Apartments.

If throughout the week you have any problems with your accommodation, please visit the Village Receptions and they should be able to help with any issues.

Additional needs

We aim to provide a space where everyone can worship God, be inspired by teaching and receive ministry.  If you would like more information on a space for those with additional needs, please contact the office or speak to a member of the Welcome team on arrival.


The only animals allowed on site are Guide Dogs.


We have a bookstall in the lobby of The Arena for a top selection of CDs, DVDs, books and much more. You can also order recordings of the sessions here.  The bookstall only accepts cash or cheque.


Although we take over quite a lot of the IT, it is still open to the public during the conference, so please remember to obey all road signs and observe the speed limit when in the IT car park.   Please be extra vigilant of children playing when traveling through the Yeats & Clarion Villages and observe the speed limit at all times.


The Café in the Arena is open from 11am – 1pm.  In the morning there is a range of tea/coffee and delicious treats to see you through and in the afternoon an honesty box will be available for tea & coffee.

The Coffee Dock next to The Glass Space will also be open all day selling pre-made sandwiches, scones, tea & coffee

The "other coffee shop" marked on the map is open most of the day selling tea & coffee and made-to-order sandwiches.


There are several cash machines in the Main IT Sligo building.

Cycling, skateboarding and rollerblading

You are free to cycle, roller blade and skateboard on site, but the following rules apply:

Cyclists must give right of way to pedestrians at all times

Skateboarding and rollerblading are not allowed after dark; cyclists please use lights.

Parents please note: if your children are riding bicycles, ensure they are aware of the possible dangers on site and the need for extreme care when cycling near traffic and pedestrians.  Parents may be held responsible for any damage to vehicles or accidents that appear to result from a lack of their children’s supervision.

Dentist and Doctor

The Welcome team have contact information for local doctors and dentist, so if something comes up during the week come and find us at the Info Point in the Main IT Foyer.


Download some handy directions here

Disabled parking

There are limited spaces directly outside The Arena & The Glass Space that are reserved for those with a valid Blue Badge or Disabled Parking Permit.  If you are not a blue badge holder, but require a parking space closer to the conference, speak to one of our Welcome team on arrival or visit at the Info Point in the Main IT Foyer.


Illegal substances and offensive weapons are not allowed on site.  New Wine Ireland staff will notify the local authorities if they become aware of any such items being on site.  New Wine Ireland reserves the right to ask any delegate engaging in disorderly behaviour (this included under-age drinking) to leave the conference.


On entering venues please make yourself aware of your nearest fire exit.  In the event of an emergency please follow the directions of the Welcome Team and the Access Team.

First Aid

We have a team of trained First Aid personal on site to deal with any minor medical incidents.  Our team will be on hand during all the main sessions (9.30am - 1pm & 7pm - 9pm) and on call in the afternoons and evenings (1pm - 6pm & 9pm - 11pm).

If you require First Aid, please make contact with any member of the team.  In the event of a medical emergency, please don’t delay calling the emergency services (dial 112), then seek assistance from our team. 


Sligo General Hospital is on the main N16 into Sligo, situated on the right; it is a 2 minute drive from the conference.  You can contact them on +353 (0) 71 917 1111 or visit edsligo.ie for further information.


Yeats and Clarion Holiday Villages and Benbulben Apartments have laundry facilities on site; just ask for details when checking into your accommodation.

Lost children

If you have lost, or found a child please go to theInfo Point in the Main IT Foyer or find a member of the Welcome Team.

Lost property

This is located at the Info Point in the Main IT Foyer. Valuable items unclaimed at the end of the conference will be taken back to the New Wine Ireland office in Belfast.  Items unclaimed after one month will be donated to charity.


The event is held in and around IT Sligo and the Clarion Hotel Sligo with Yeats and Clarion Villages being within walking distance.  A map can be found here.

Market Place

The Market Place is located in the lobby area of The Arena. It will be open from 4pm on Sunday and then from 9am to 10pm everyday (except Wednesday).  This is a great place to pick up books, CDs and resources for yourself or for family and friends. Check it out early in the week.  We also have Alan from MAD International with us for the week selling some fantastic items.

Make sure you take some time to browse on your way in and out of the sessions and chat to the friendly team.

Name Badges

On arrival each delegate gets his or her own conference badge.  Because the IT is still open to the public it helps us know who is with the conference and who isn't.  We ask that you always wear your name badge prominently, particularly when entering and leaving venues. You won’t be allowed in without it so make a special effort to remember and to avoid having to return to your apartment to get it.

We've all been there - you realise you have lost your badge!  If it happens, don't worry, please go to the Info Point in the Main IT Foyer with some ID and we can get you a new one. There will be a small fee of €1 / £1 to get your badge replaced. If you find a badge please take it to one of the Info Points.

We know it can be difficult for young children and babies to wear their badge at all times.  Those under 5 are not required to wear their badge on their clothing, however please ensure their badge is attached to their changing bag, pram or other belonging as a valid badge is still required to participate in the programme.  All other under 18s are required to wear their badge at all times.

Parental Responsibility

When not in New Wine Ireland organised activities, children are the responsibility of their parents.  Parents should always be aware of where their children are, whom they are with and when they are expected back.  Your assistance in this will help ensure everyone’s safety, comfort and enjoyment.

Ensuring your kids are having fun, encountering Jesus and are safe are our top priorities. 

At Sligo17 each child is given three collection cards with their age group (Under 5s, 5-10s and 11-13s) identified by colour. 

The three collection cards will have the child’s name on them and space to write the name of a designated parent / guardian* allowed to collect them from their session.  *The designated parent / guardian collecting a child must have a valid conference pass for that day (either a full, half or evening day pass or full week pass).

When collecting a child, one of the designated parents/guardians must have the collection card and their conference pass for details to be verified.  No child will be allowed to leave the venue without both these items.

The 0-10s venues will have a strict one-way policy in place, with access limited to only those with collection cards.
All Under 18s must have a parent / guardian also attending the conference.


We have a top tips list of things to bring.

Places to Eat

Don’t feel like cooking?  Here are some places that can do it for you.  Most of these places are on Facebook and Trip Advisor if you require further information.

Staff Recommended - tried and tested
Knox (Restaurant) - 32 O'Connell St -  071 914 1575
Shells (Cafe) - Strandhill Beach - 071 912 2938
The Draft House (Pub Grub) - Strandhill Beach - 071 912 2222
Kate’s Kitchen (Cafe & Deli) - 3 Castle St - 071 914 3022
Robertos (Pizza, Fish & Chips) - 24 Market Street - 071 914 0620

Other Recommended Establishments
Drumcliffee Tea House – Drumcliffe – 071 9151826
Ceasars Italian (Restaurant) – Rockwood Parade – 071 91 41386
Rooftop Restaurant – Wine Street Car Park – 071 91 44421
Davis’s Restaurant @ Yeats Tavern – Drumcliff – 071 91 63117

Quayside Shopping Centre also has a range of Cafés and fast food Outlets.


We have a fantastic photographers who spend all week taking photos and filming everything that goes on for us to use on promotional material.  During the event we will take images from the various sessions and seminars and use them online and in printed material for promotional purposes.

All of our photos and filmed material are used within the guidelines of our Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults Policies.   We kindly ask that delegates do not take, or upload any pictures of the Under 18s programme for their own personal use.

If posting photos or video of your week remember to use the hashtag #Sligo17

Delegates may feature in these images, which will be used for our website and publicity material only. If you do not wish you or your child to be photographed, you must submit a letter stating this to the team leader on registration.

Post Office

The nearest post office is on Wine Street in Sligo town and it is open 9.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.


Please recycle as much as possible!  In each village there are plenty of designated recycling points.  All the details will be on a handy info sheet waiting for you in your accommodation.

Seat Reservations

Both The Arena & The Glass Space have lots of seats; we ask that you don't reserve them by putting your coat over it for the day. If lots of you want you to sit together, try and come early!  Any property left on seats will be removed and put into lost property.


New Wine Ireland do all we can to provide a safe and relaxing environment.  Please help us out by wearing your badge at all times, locking your car or bike and making sure all valuables are out of sight.  If you are concerned about something, please speak to a member of the Welcome Team.


There is a local petrol station at the junction of the N16 and Ash Lane as you are heading into Sligo, which is open daily and has a good selection of basic items.  Tesco is located in the centre of Sligo and has good parking facilities in close proximity.

There are also lots of lovely delis and independent shops selling quality local produce (especially the market on Saturdays in the IT carpark)..


Smoking is strictly not permitted inside any venues on site.


Sligo17 kicks off on Sunday 9th July with the first session starting at 7.15pm, registration starts at 3pm.  If you have booked accommodation, you can check in from 12noon.

The last session finishes at 9.30pm on Friday 14th July with the entertainment programming running until midnight.  If you have booked accommodation, you don't need to check out until Saturday 15th at 12noon.

You can view a typical day at Sligo here.


Sligo Airport – 071 916 8280

Sligo Bus Station (Bus Eireann) – 071 916 0066

Sligo Train Station (Iarnrod Eireann) 071 916 9888


Wifi is available in the Main IT buildings, the password for this will be available around the Info Points.