Our Kids programme at Sligo16 is split into two age groups, Under 5s and 5 - 10s.    


If you have 0-18s with you, we can assure you they will have an outstanding week (most will have a hard time leaving at the end of the week – sorry about that).  Ensuring your kids are having fun and encountering Jesus are our top priorities.


Under 5s

The Under5s programme of songs, story time, craft, toys, snack time and everything else you could possibly think of that will keep your little one entertained all morning!  The rooms are an oasis of entertainment for the week; fully equipped with great toys, bean bags, colourful decorations and even indoor slides!

The Under5s programme runs at the same time as your two main morning sessions  There is no programme for Under 5s in the evening, but The Cafe in The Arena has a live video and sound link if you would find that helpful.



Our key values of worship, teaching and ministry are held firmly in our Kids programmes,  we believe encountering God’s presence is for everyone, including our Kingdom Kids!



5 - 10s

The 5 to 10s programme combines silly games, live music with a great band, videos, creative prayer, craft & cookery, drama, bible stories and lots more so that everyone can encounter Jesus and have fun at the same time. 

The 5-10s  programme runs at the same time as your two main morning sessions and evening celebration.