Internship - Leadership and Mission

Would you like an opportunity to explore your gifts, grow in your walk with Jesus Christ and serve the mission of the church through training and apprenticeship?

What is New Wine Ireland?

New Wine Ireland is a movement of churches working together to change the island of Ireland through a network of church leaders, our summer conference and training and resource events.

New Wine Ireland has a vision that in our generation:

·       we will see churches across Ireland renewed and restored in passion for the Word and Works of God;

·       we will see individuals and families transformed by meeting Jesus and empowered by His Holy Spirit and this will impact our society; and

·       Christians will feel compelled to go out and share the good news of Jesus – forgiveness, healing, hope, restoration and new life – across the length and breadth of Ireland and further afield. 

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In March 2016, New Wine Ireland appointed its first Leadership and Missions Development Coordinator.  His objective is to empower people for lifestyles of obedience to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) according to their context, gifting and passion for God.  This is delivered through:

·       an annual leadership and mission development plan;

·       mission development activity;

·       an annual programme of training and development events;

·       awareness raising work with church leaders;

·       mission projects across Ireland;

·       identification of opportunities to train and empower local church leaders; and

·       the Evangelist Training Course (in conjunction with St John’s School of Mission, Nottingham).


What is an internship?

An internship is where an individual works so as to gain relevant professional experience before embarking on a career.

The prime purpose of internships is to provide interns with a meaningful experience that enhances their employability and skills.

New Wine Ireland is committed to providing high-quality internship opportunities.  This includes:

·       recruitment;

·       internship agreement;

·       induction;

·       treatment (professionalism, duty of care);

·       supervision;

·       reference and feedback.


Title of post

Leadership and Mission Intern


Supervised by

Leadership and Mission Development Coordinator (LMDC)

(There will be ring-fenced time in work schedules for supervision and regular performance reviews.  The LMDC will provide ongoing feedback to the intern, be their advocate and mentor and conduct a formal performance review to evaluate the success of their time with New Wine Ireland.)


Period and hours

The internship is for a period of 12 months (shorter periods can be arranged) beginning on 1 October 2017. 

The normal working week will be 10 slots (morning, afternoon or evening).  On occasions, you

may be required to work beyond these.  Normally you will not be required to work either Saturday or Sunday, accept when training events are happening, which you will be required to attend.



New Wine Ireland

First Floor

103-113 Ravenhill Road




Genuine occupational requirement

The nature of this volunteer post and the interaction with church leaders and individuals is such that there is a genuine occupational requirement that the post holder will be a committed Christian who is passionate about the vision and values of New Wine Ireland. 


Purpose of the role

Assist the Leadership and Mission Development Coordinator (LMDC) to empower people for lifestyles of obedience to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) according to their context, gifting and passion for God.


What the internship offers

·       Opportunities to develop your gifts and explore new ones;

·       weekly input from a mentor who will provide training, Bible study and prayer alongside pastoral support;

·       teaching input (at New Wine Ireland training events and Evangelist Training Course weekends);

·       payment of work-related travel, mobile phone bills and other expenses incurred in the course of your duties; and

·       an opportunity to join the team at our annual conference ‘Sligo 18’ (free conference ticket and accommodation in Sligo).


Key tasks

These tasks and participation in projects will be agreed in advance between the LMDC and the intern:

·       Assist in the research, preparation and delivery of New Wine Ireland’s annual leadership and mission development plan;

·       participate in the planning, delivery and review of mission projects across Ireland;

·       assist in the planning, delivery and review of training and development events;

·       help with the identification of opportunities to train and empower local church leaders;

·       assist with the delivery of the Evangelist Training Course;

·       attend regular staff, volunteer and intern team meetings at the New Wine Ireland office; and

·       undertake administrative work connected with leadership and mission development.



1.     Devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

2.     Teachable, reliable and able to work well within a small team.

3.     Willing to take risks and serve in different environments and places in Ireland.

4.     Energy, enthusiasm and a ‘can do’ attitude.

5.     To carefully follow New Wine Ireland’s Child Protection guidelines.

6.     To be ‘imitators of God’ with ‘not even a hint of sexual immorality, or any kind of impurity’, living as ‘children of light’ and finding out ‘what pleases the Lord’ (Ephesians 5:1-12).

7.     Information Technology literate (e.g. email, word-processing, spreadsheets, databases).

8.     GCSE (or equivalent) English and Mathematics at grade C or above.

9.     Good communication skills, both verbally and in writing.

10.  Permission to work in the UK (if you are not a UK national).


Spiritual life

There is an expectation that you will spend part of the day (often the morning is the best time) in personal devotions.

You will be encouraged to read Christian books to develop your understanding of God and how to live the Christian life.

During the year you will face many spiritual challenges.  As you will be aiming to get the most out of the programme, it is important that you seek to develop self-discipline and an understanding of the part God has prepared for you in the extending of His Kingdom in this place. This includes managing your ‘off time’ well and only participating in activities that are healthy for the mind, body and soul.  There is an expectation that interns are exemplary in their behaviour at all times as they are representatives of the church.


Payment and funding

As this is voluntary work[1] the National Minimum Wage (NMW) legislation does not apply.  The only payments will be in relation to travel expenses, mobile phone calls or other expenses incurred as part of your internship.  (If you have any questions about NMW, you can find more information at or by calling the Pay and Works Rights Helpline on 0800 917 2368.)

The intern will be required to provide funding to contribute toward the cost of the programme - £800.  This will need to be paid in full before the commencement of the internship.

You will need to find your own accommodation and find part-time employment to cover living expenses (if appropriate).


How to express an interest

Send completed application to:

By email:

By post:

New Wine Ireland, First Floor,

103-113 Ravenhill Road, Belfast, BT6 8DR

Application Form

Closing date: Friday 18 August 2017 (5.00 pm)

[1] Volunteers are under no obligation to perform work or carry out instructions.  They have no contract or formal arrangement so can come and go as they please.  They have no expectation of and do not receive any reward for the work they do. (Common Best Practice Code for High-Quality Internships’ Gateways to the Professions Collaborative Forum, September 2013)