Worship Rooms

27th Mar 2017
Willowfield Parish Church

We believe Ireland will be changed through people experiencing the joy of worshipping God, the freedom of following Jesus, and the power of being filled by the Holy Spirit.

We believe that as we continue to pursue God through worship that his kingdom is advanced and we are stepping more fully into who we are made and called to be.

Our prayer is that this will become more of a reality as we lift up one voice in worship. 

So we want to create a space (a room) where the only agenda is to worship God. Where it is not about us, but about Him. Because He is worthy.

There is no charge for these events and everyone is welcome. Come with your worship team, small group, members of your church, your friends, family or on your own.

We start with tea and coffee at 7:30pm and move into worship by 8pm.